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I’m going to give a quick overview of Blue Origin’s BE-4 Engine, the latest news behind their recent hot fire test, and why the completion of the engine will be a huge turning point for the company.
On October 19th, Blue Origin announced that it conducted the first successful test of its BE-4 engine.
The BE-4 will be one of the most powerful rocket engines in the world.
What is the BE-4 significance in Blue Origin’s goal to be a major player in the future economy?
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If you’re new to my channel, I cover all major news of SpaceX mars colonization plans, the BFR, and whatever else I find interesting.
It seems that in the past year especially, Blue Origin is emerging as a serious player in aerospace manufacturing and I will be definitely covering all of Blue Origin’s progress on my channel, so if you are interested in SpaceX and Blue Origin, then hit the subscribe button and notification bell so you don’t miss out!
Okay so the development for the BE-4 started in 2011 and uses liquid oxygen and liquid methane propellants. It is Blue Origin’s 4th generation engine, made to take them into orbital space and beyond.
Blue Origin recently completed a hot-fire test of their BE-4 Engine on October 19th, and was fired at 50% power for 3 seconds.
This is a huge milestone for Blue Origin because the completion of the BE-4 is a major component of their New Glenn Rocket which they hope to have its first launch in 2020.
The BE-4 will also serve as one of their first major revenue source because they will manufacture the Engine for the United Launch Alliance (ULA) new vehicle, Vulcan, which is expected to launch in 2019 so it looks like Blue Origin is well on their way to completing the engine in time for that.
The ULA is a commercial Aerospace Power house and is a joint venter between Boeing and Lockheed Martin founded in 2006. The ULA had a monopoly on military launches for more than a decade until the US Air Force awarded a GPS satellite contract to SpaceX in 2016.


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