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Mike Hernandez is one of today's premier gouache painters. He is a fine art plein air, painter and a Visual Development Artist/Production Designer and Art Director at DreamWorks Animation. Some of his past projects include Sinbad, Spirit, Over The Hedge, Shrek 4, Puss In Boots, Bee Movie, Monsters Vs Aliens and Turbo. A native Angeleno, Mike Hernandez is a plein air painter skilled in gouache, oil and acrylic, who’s works have been featured in several on-line publications as well as galleries. His process began as a young child, painting still life images. Influenced by the likes of Edgar Payne, Sorolla and Franz Bischoff, Mike soon explored the foundations of color and light in the outdoors – striving to find the beauty in the ordinary. Mike says, “As an artist I strive to find the beauty in the unexpected. I like to think of it as reconstructing all of the puzzle pieces of reality.” Please join us to watch his bold approach to capturing a landscape using gouache paint. Doors open at 6pm. Carmel Visual Arts is located at: 3694 The Barnyard, Carmel, California 93923 www.carmelvisualarts.com Video Production by House of 8 Media www.houseof8media.om


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