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DOCS: My Child Is A Monkey
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Around 20,000 people in the USA own primates, and for a few thousand of them, their monkey is much more than a pet. It’s their child. Their ‘monkid’.

This documentary looks at the dark side of the monkid phenomenon by following four individual stories:

Monkey Dad Sean has just adopted an abused monkid named Shalad, and is trying to tame it with the help of legendary ‘monkey whisperer’ Lisa Whiteaker. Shalad has already attacked Sean – and he’s worried about the safety of his pregnant wife and two children.

New Monkey Mum Justine has welcomed monkid George into her home, but has no idea what she is taking on.

Some monkid owners want a ‘forever baby’: a cute toddler who’ll never grow up. Monkey Mum Charlene had that dream – but now primate Michael is approaching puberty and becoming aggressive.

Finally, Audrey is an ‘empty nester’ who wanted to re-live the fun of raising little ones. However, vets tell her one of her monkids has developed diabetes, and that she’s killing them with too much love and doughnuts.

Hear about the monkid breeders who profit from ripping newborn primates away from their mothers; learn about the sanctuaries who rescue monkids in trouble; and watch leading primatologists give their views on how this trend for humans to adopt monkeys is truly affecting the animals involved.

CREDIT: ITV Studios Global Entertainment / Zig Zag Productions

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