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A growing number of people are channeling their inner canine and turning to the global phenomenon of human puppy play.

Originally born out of the kink scene in San Francisco in the late 80’s puppy play is now a global phenomenon and a new wave of British ‘puppies’ have emerged, calling themselves ‘the new guard’. For most of ‘the new guard’ puppy play is a form of escapism, as opposed to sexual fantasy, and the numbers of new pups joining the scene is growing daily.

This honest and thought provoking insight into the lives of Pups from across Britain shows the struggles and triumphs they experience as they come to terms with their seemingly unusual hobby.

More info on Puppy Play: https://www.pupplay.info/

Clip from The Secret Life Of Human Pups, 2016. Content licensed from Firecracker Films. Any queries, please contact us at info@passiondistribution.com


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